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September 18, 2023 Minutes

Monday, September 18, 2023 at 6pm

Juneau Lanes, 150 E Oak St, Juneau, WI 53039

1. Welcome and Call to Order – 6pm

Board members present: Brett Bolman, Diane Ronge, Gretchen Last, Jason Davis, Lauren Medelberg left just prior to the meeting starting

Board members absent: Sasa Seremet, Char Lober, Jessica Johnon, Sue Piper

Also present: Dave Gratton, Mayor Dan Wegener, Alyssa Gahlman, Cathy Firari

2. Pledge of Allegiance: The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

3. Introduction of new members/visitors: Let the record show that there were no new members or visitors.

4. Discuss and Approve Agenda: Motion by Diane Ronge, second by Gretchen Last to approve the September 18, 2023 agenda. Motion carried.

5. Discuss and Approve Secretary’s Report: Motion by Diane Ronge, second by Dave Gratton to approve the secretary’s report. Let the record show that Sue Piper was not present to take minutes and that Cathy Firari did volunteer to take them. Motion carried.

6. Discuss and Approve Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was passed out. Gretchen reported that the Pig Roast that was held on July 22-23, 2023 made a profit of $510.00. A final payment to MSA will be made in the amount of $4,550.00 out of the $35,000.00 that the chamber received to do the Downtown Plan. Motion by Alyssa Gahlman, second by Jason Davis to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

7. Committee Reports

a. Website – Lauren was not present to discuss how the website was coming. It was brought up that the chamber should pay Lauren Medelberg for her time working on the website. This item will be placed on the October agenda for discussion and to see what Lauren’s cost would be. Brett stated that the website should be launched next week.

b. Facebook – Cristina Seremet was not present to update the members on the Facebook page.

c. Welcoming Committee– Gretchen stated that there will be one basket that will be going out. Diane Ronge stated that she will be making tags for the bags from her business.

d. Membership update – There were no new members that joined the chamber in September. Membership renewals will be sent out in January 2024 and will be due February 15, 2024.

e. Fundraising/events - No report. It was brought up that the Chamber should look to see if there are other organizations holding a fundraiser for their organization so that the chamber does not do a fundraiser on the same day.

f. Softball update – Cristina was not present to give a report. Gretchen did receive a phone call in regards to someone possibly serving beer who did not have a license. Contact will be made with Cristina and the caller for more details. Members will be advised as to what happened at the October meeting. It was also discussed how the money is collected and if inventory is taken before and after each night to see how much was sold. Brett will be contacting Cristina and will advise the members at the next meeting.

g. Business Networking – Wisker has not confirmed if they will hold a Business Networking as they will have to contact corporate. It was discussed if there should be a Business Networking every month twice a year or quarterly. This will be discussed at the October meeting.

h. Other Business – Dave Gratton stated that the Wild Goose trail cleanup is coming up.

Chamber members are encouraged to help. The Date is Saturday October 7, 2023 meeting at Gratton’s Garages at 11:45 am, cleanup will begin at noon. Will do like in April and will serve brats to all volunteers.

8. Old Business – There was no old business.

9. New Business

a. Parade of Trees – Cathy Firari informed the members that the Parade of Trees will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2023 from 1-3 pm at the Juneau Public Library. Diane Ronge, Jen Porter and Cathy Firari did meet to discuss this year’s event. Dodgeland hired a new FFA Adviser and Music Director and contact has been made with these people to give them a heads up on what was done in the past. Letters will be sent out to all chamber members if they wish to decorate or sponsor a tree. These letters will be sent in red/green envelopes towards the end of October, so please look for them in the mail.

b. Downtown Plan – Brett stated that he would like to print out a copy of the Downtown Plan to present to the Dodge County Board and needed approval to get this printed. Gretchen stated that she can print out a copy and give to Brett at no cost.

c. Annual Meeting/elections – Brett indicated that the Chamber’s Annual meeting is coming up in January 2024 and that there will also two director positions that will be open for election. This will be placed on the October agenda as to where the annual meeting will be held.

10. Next Meeting

a. The Next Juneau Chamber of Commerce meeting will be on Monday, October 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm at Juneau Lanes, 150 E. Oak St. Juneau.

Motion by Diane Rone, second by Gretchen Last to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 pm. Motion carried.

Minutes by:

Cathy Firari

Agenda 10-16-23
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September 18, 2023 Minutes
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