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Monday, February 19, 2024 at 6pm Meeting Agenda

1.       Welcome and Call to Order – 6pm

a.       Board members: Sasa Seremet, Lauren Medelberg, Diane Ronge, Gretchen Last, Cathy Firari, Jason Davis, Janet Ludeman, Char Lober, Jessica Johnson, Brett Bolman

b.       Any & all other Chamber members


2.       Pledge of Allegiance:


3.       Introduction of new members/visitors:


4.       Discuss and Approve February 19, 2024 Agenda:


5.       Discuss and Approve January 15, 2024 minutes:


6.       Discuss and Approve the Treasurer’s Report:


7.       Discuss and approve placing Sasa Serement, President of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, on the checking account with Landmark Credit Union and to remove Brett Bolman:


8.       Committee Reports

a.       Website – Lauren

b.       Facebook – Cristina 

c.       Welcoming Committee– Gretchen, Diane, Richard

d.       Membership update – Gretchen

e.       Fundraising/events - Cristina, Michelle, Ashley

f.        Softball update – Cristina, Dave

g.       Business Networking – Lauren


9.       Discuss and approve Insurance for the Juneau Chamber of Commerce:


10.   Discuss and approve payment to the Juneau American Legion Post #15 for soda and water for the Softball games for 2023:


11.   Discuss and Approve Contract and Payment to Gratton’s Garages for Storage Unit for Juneau Chamber Items:


12.   Discuss and Approve Summer monthly meetings to be held at softball field:


13.   Discuss and Approve branding Signs for Events:


14.   Discuss and Approve Current 2024 Income report and 2023 Income Ending Report:


15.   Discus Chamber Goals – Long Term Goal and 2024 Yearly Goals:


16.   Other Business:


17.   Old Business:


18.   New Business:


19.   Next Meeting:

a.       Date:  Monday, March 18, 2024 at 6 pm.  Location:  Juneau Lanes, 150 E Oak St, Juneau    


20.   Adjourn:                                                                               

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